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45 photo(s) Updated on: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  • Kirk " I wish I had a mt bike" Webster - Jackson Creek area
  • Elk Mountain Brewing - Stop #3 on CRC Ride/Pub Crawl
  • Elk Mountain Brewing - Stop #3 on CRC Ride/Pub Crawl
  • On the Rox - Stop #2 on CRC Ride Pub Crawl
  • Rock Yard Brewing Co - First stop on CRC Ride/Pub Crawl
  • Martyn and Don with the Trophy of the giro d'italia. How do you say "I love you in Italian"?...for the trophy of course
  • Martyn, Mike, Lisa, Don, and Lance at Tour of the Moon
  • CRC Crew with Tommy Danielson at Tour of the Moon.
  • Golden Gate Canyon Climbing Ride
  • Martyn giving advice to Phil Legget
  • Shane, Bill, Lance, Don, Gail, Martyn, and Beth Summit county
  • Idaho Springs/Loveland Pass Hill Climb - 9/1/2013
  • Idaho Springs/Loveland Pass Hill Climb - Kirk & Bill
  • Hoosier Pass Hill Climb/ Martyn's Cancer Treatment Recovery Celebration
  • High Grade 8/18 - Kirk, Mark, Roger & Steve
  • Group Ride Aug 11 - 40 mile Daniels Park Loop
  • CRC Annual Adopt-a-Road Clean up on Crowfoot Valley
  • CRC Annual Adopt-a-Road Clean up on Crowfoot Valley
  • Steve & Don - Adopt a Road Clean up
  • Pikes Peak Hill Climb, July 20th - Robert Nelson, Bill Hayne & Scott Rosen
  • Sag in Drag - Tour de Ladies 2013
  • CRC climbing series, Top of Golden Gate Canyon 9000 feet.
  • Top of the Left Hand Canyon Ride at Ward-July 4th
  • Left Hand Canyon ride July 4th 2013.
  • Steve, Don, Martyn, and Sharon in Breckenridge
  • Bill Hayne and Greg Thomas (from Team Numb Nuts) at Black Forest Classic Photo By Lance Harding
  • CRC in Full force for the Black Forest Classic. Photo by Lance Harding
  • Will Hayne at Buffalo Creek - sweet single track & hail!
  • Douglas County Sheriff pre arrest photo
  • Beth, Stacey, and Blondie somewhere in the Southern CO mountians on the Colorado Death Ride
  • Martyn and Don at the top of Swan Mountain Summit county
  • Keith and Beth tearing it up Poncha Pass Memorial Weekend
  • Tuesday Night challenge A Team
  • Bill Hayne - Pleasant Valley Derby MTB Race 6/1
  • CRC/LTF Thursday night ride May 30th
  • CRC Squaw Pass/Idaho Springs Loop May 2013 - Bill Hayne, Steve Coburn, Mark Templeman, Michael Driscoll & Kirk Webster
  • CRC Squaw Pass Hill Climb/Idaho Springs Loop - May 2013. Michael Driscoll, Kirk Webster, Bill Hayne & Mike Ford
  • CRC Cycling Elite Squaw Pass ride May 26
  • CRC gang in Archs National Park during Moab Weekend
  • Matt, Lisa, Stacey, and Mike in Moab from the CRC Moab weekend
  • Martyn along the front range
  • Bill and Jeff after a spring race
  • Bill Haynes first race
  • Robert, Martyn, and Steve at a Saturday ride Du Jour Feb. 16
  • 2013 Resolution Ride from Creekside Bikes

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