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CRC Bike Ride - Sunday Afternoon

  • Sunday, April 18, 2010
  • 1:00 PM
  • CRC Route 4 - Cherry Creek Loop

Ride Details: Today's route is an easy 32 miles, with little elevation change. We start at the Falcon Brewing Company and ride out to Cherry Creek State park and take a loop around the reservoir.

Some of this route will take us on the trail system, most will be on roads.

Because of different rider abilities, the ride group may splinter into smaller groups based the abilities of each rider. Typically the front group can ride at a pace of 18-22 mpg, the second group may ride of a pace 15 - 18 mph and the third group would ride at 12 - 15 mph.

On all CRC - Bike Rides, the club will provide a Lead rider and a Sweep  rider to ensure all enjoy the ride, complete the ride and make it back safely.

Route: CRC Route 4

We ride at 40 degrees or above, under 40, rain or snow, no ride. Watch the website for updates on riding.

Be prepared for all kinds of weather in the winter, if you are from Colorado you know what we are talking about. Consider wearing tights, a base layer, jacket, long fingered gloves, head/ear covering + helmets (required), even consider slip covers for your shoes.

Where: Falcon Creek Brewing Company, Parker, CO

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